TIS invests in enterprise blockchain software firm R3

TIS Inc. (headquarters: Shinjuku, Tokyo), has just announced its strategic investment and firmed up business collaboration with enterprise blockchain software firm R3 HOLDCO LLC.

R3 is a fast growing US technology firm with a highly innovative software platform, global brand recognition in blockchain technology and successful formation of a global ecosystem of over 200 financial institutions, regulators, trade associations, professional services firms and technology companies.

These institutions work with R3 to develop on Corda. Corda platform offers access to a vibrant network of interoperable blockchain applications for finance and commerce.

The partnership is aimed at speeding up the global development and adoption of blockchain applications by leveraging the strengths & maturity of the Corda platform and taking advantage of TIS strong group presence in the region and its sound customer base in financial, banking, payment & manufacturing industries.

The partnership with R3 is a big step forward for TIS and its group companies. It allows TIS members access to the work R3 does across the whole of financial services in blockchain technology.

Through this partnership, TIS and its group companies in APAC can deliver Corda platform services & Corda applications designed specifically to meet the needs of client institutions across the financial services sector and other industries.

David E. Rutter

David E.Rutter

David E. Rutter, CEO of R3, commented:

This investment is testament to the potential that major IT companies such as TIS see in Corda. We are experiencing growing support for Corda not just from the financial services community, but from a diverse mix of technology firms serving an expanding range of industries. These firms are building innovative apps on the platform that enable them to unlock new value for themselves and transform business processes for the sectors they serve.

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