The Shivom Project – when genetic data unites governments

Governments around the world have not been fully mesmerized by blockchain and altcoins. While there are some countries that embrace the technology behind Bitcoin, such as Estonia and Japan, most are afraid or rather “not understanding” what blockchain actually is and how it benefits society. While blockchain has disrupted multiple industries such as real estate and financial services, there are many more fields waiting to be transformed by blockchain.

One of the brightest examples of what blockchain can deliver is the so called Shivom Project – a blockchain initiative that aims to create a global hub for genetic data. According to their website, Shivom is a unique project in the sense that it will allow “DNA data donors to collaborate with revolutionary changemakers in biotechnology, healthcare industry, and government-ordained research institutes and contribute to an unprecedented era of medical marvels.”

The interesting part is that the Shivom team has recently announced that the project is to be supported by several different governments from around the world. One of the countries is Estonia, whose Prime Minister, Taavi Roivas, has already joined the project in hopes of developing Estonia’s R&D efforts and general development.

According to Shivom’s webpage, the idea behind the project is to create a large ecosystem that will house healthcare and wellness providers to include their services, apps and other data into this e-space, so that information is stored and shared through the blockchain. In this way, the team hopes to be able to transform genetic data into shared knowledge. Of course, Shivom aims to boost R&D activities around the world and improve the healthcare systems.

The team behind Shivom comprises experienced R&D professionals, scientists and blockchain specialists. In addition, the Shivom Innovation Council enjoys members such as Dr. Jay Sanders, a Harvard Medical School graduate and a director of the US telemedicine initiatives for G-8 nations.

The Shivom Project has already raised $32 million with two days left for investors to jump in on the pre-sale round of the ICO. Additionally, some of Shivom’s investors include Unity Ventures, Digital X, CollinStar and more.

Up until today, Shivom’s team has signed Memorandum of Agreements with the Indian government, and has received strong support from Estonia.

The Shivom Project is an interesting ICO that aims to disrupt the genetics field around the world, while uniting as many governments as possible for the creation and use of one huge genetic hub, where different healthcare stakeholders can contribute to further genetic R&D, genetic data storage and more.

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