The HomeMine ICO – when home appliances mine cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are undeniably changing the way people live and think about money. Now, an upcoming ICO turns our home appliances into cryptocurrency mining machines. According to, HomeMine presents a unique opportunity for all to earn on the model of the so called “passive mining” that involves different electrical appliances.

HomeMine is actually a device that is in the form of network filter combined with an integrated mining chip that allows the whole passive mining in homes. What users should do in order to mine while they use their appliances such as a microwave, an iron etc. is plug the appliance itself into the network filter – hence the idea of passive mining.

The device itself is actually part of the Internet of Things (IoT) sector, where people can take advantage of different objects / materials that are powered by the Internet or some smart technology.

According to the website of the company, HomeMine has been tested with 10 devices that work in test modes in countries such as India, Germany, Brazil, US, China etc.

In addition, the average Return on Investment (ROI) is currently estimated at 172%, while the average revenue per device stands at $94.8. With such statistics, the average payback period for each purchased device, again, on average, is around 33,5 days.

The current price for one HomeMine token is $42. The ICO hard cap is $38,4 million, while the soft cap is $5,2 million. Moreover, the interesting part is that users who purchase and use the device will not be charged extra for the electricity used by the HomeMine device. This may be a needed boost for many people who are currently aware of the “Bitcoin problem” with electricity and how much is spent on mining Bitcoin.



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