The first blockchain-based Hollywood movie is here

Piracy and movie rights are two of the most critical issues for Hollywood yet to be resolved. Pirate website such as PirateBay and others are constantly “abusing” the producers’ rights when it comes to movies. Now, to the rescue comes blockchain. According to recent news, the first ever blockchain-based movie is called “No Postage Necessary”.

The “innovation” is going to be launched on the most advanced and recognized type of blockchain network, Qtum. The distribution of the movie itself will happen through the peer-to-peer network app Vevue. The movie will be made available to the US public in June and reportedly, people who want to watch it will be able to buy it with cryptos.

The director and producer of the movie, Jeremy Culver, said:

“We are thrilled to provide movie lovers around the world a brand new way to experience their entertainment by turning the blockchain into a feature film distribution channel,” Culver said in a statement. Although this is a first for the industry, we hope it will signal a shift in the way content is shared and consumed.” 

While the movie script is a very captivating one, as it tells the story of a computer hacker who supports himself by stealing mail, it is the blockchain element that is expected to draw the “crowd” once the movie is live.

According to the director, the most salient feature for moviegoers will be the fact that once they post a review about the movie, they will be able to get some Vevue tokens as reward for having watched the movie and posted a comment on it.

The use of blockchain in Hollywood is a brand new idea, yet one that can bring in thousands of supporters, since the issue of piracy and illegal downloading across the world has had significant impact on consumers and the industry as a whole. Protecting copy rights and giving the chance to people to get advantage of using the blockchain-based “cinema” experience is an innovative way that may become mainstream in the future, if there is some success now with the first movie.


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