Skrumble Network secures $15 million to solve the data ownership crisis with blockchain technology

Skrumble Network, the blockchain and application creating secure connections for communication, announced that its crowd sale completely sold out in early-bird in one hour. Skrumble Network surpassed its goal reaching its hard cap of 20,000 ETH and securing $15 million USD in total.

With Skrumble Network, community members have the opportunity to take back ownership of their data, communicate freely and build their own secure solutions.

Skrumble Network isn’t just utilizing blockchain technology, the company is building infrastructure for:

  • An open source communication-centric blockchain for other applications to utilize and build onto the network.
  • A decentralized communication application built on their very own blockchain.
  • A communication layer for developers to add Skrumble Network’s decentralized communication features into their applications.

With a recently released beta version .01 of their decentralized communication application, Skrumble Network is building a full spectrum platform that will breakthrough traditional firewalls, assure user anonymity, and guarantee privacy.

Including various robust features such as:

  • Unique, secure connections per conversation to ensure privacy
  • Real-time voice and video calling with up to 50 people
  • Edit, save and unsend messages
  • Large file transfers, and user-controlled distributed file storage
  • Wallet integrations for in-context money transfers and simple smart contracts
  • An SKM utility token that allows users to unlock specific features and can be used as the means of payment for interacting with Skrumble Network directly and/or for P2P user value exchanges
  • Open source SDKs (software development kit) that will encourage third party developers to build new blockchain technologies and applications

Skrumble Network uses a unique consensus-based algorithm derived from unique session ID and its seed key, ensuring that all files, messages, and information are encrypted. The unique session IDs allow for every peer-to-peer connection to be completely private, putting the ownership right back into the hands of the user. Skrumble Network provides security eliminating the potential for hackable servers, manipulation of data, or any privacy breaches.

Social media has completely changed the face of communication, and now, data privacy and ownership is one of the biggest concerns of this time. 2.2 billion users around the world have trusted Facebook with their information; 87 million of those users received a wake up call a few weeks ago when they got notifications that their personal data was compromised, sold, and used to manipulate them” commented Eric Lifson, Co-Founder of Skrumble Network. “Skrumble Network aims to build back the trust that has been lost since these recent events. Finally, people can connect globally and speak freely on the most secure network possible.

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