Sapphire Technology dives into crypto mining with the launch of its INCA CS-14 Compute system

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Sapphire Technology has just announced the launch of its INCA CS-14 Compute system. The global supplier of components and solutions for the Commercial markets takes this step to move itself into cryptocurrency mining.

The INCA CS-14 is supplied with a powerful 14 x RX 470 GPUs’, is fully optimized for high-efficiency Ethereum Blockchain applications, and includes Linux operating system and mining software. It is compatible with racks from multiple vendors and can be installed into data centre operations also enabling it to integrate into larger, commercial mining operations.

Up to 3 easy swap server class redundant 1 U PSUs can be installed for load sharing and active redundancy to maximize system uptime and reliability. The system’s organised cable management optimises airflow to ensure the ideal operating environment whilst, rackmount PDUs’ (Power Distribution Units) enable power management and monitoring down to the individual mining rig outlet.

Adrian Thompson,Sapphire

Adrian Thompson, Sapphire Source: Twitter

Adrian Thompson, Global VP of Marketing at Sapphire Technology, commentsed:

The Blockchain market is a very exciting space to be in and as this nascent industry continues to grow, it represents a significant opportunity for SAPPHIRE. SAPPHIRE graphics cards are renowned in the industry for pushing the boundaries of performance, innovation and engineering quality and we are looking to leverage this experience and expertise to create industry leading Blockchain systems for commercial mining operations.

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