Insolar announces Oracle and Microsoft collaborations

Match-Trade launches a Partnership Program

Insolar is a blockchain provider company that recently announced several important strategic partnerships, including ones with Microsoft, Oracle, Innosuisse and the UK Energy Innovation Center.

The announcement of these partnerships coincides with the launch of Insolar’s mainnet, which is scheduled for November 1st, 2019. According to press, these partnerships will enable Insolar to attract even more investors and clients down the road.

Insolar provides blockchain solutions for businesses through its Insolar Blockchain Platform. The clients of Insolar use the platform for scaling, creating new supply chain solutions and creating new business models, as advertized on the company’s website. As opposed to many of its competitors, Insolar differentiates its services by focusing on different sectors and tailoring its blockchain solutions to sector-specific needs.

The CEO of Insolar, Mr. Andrey Zhulin, commented that these strategic partnerships will be a stepping stone for the future development of the company and its cloud-based capabilities.

The launch of the mainnet will possible allow Insolar to make more than 19,500 transactions per second (current state) with around 20 operational nodes. If that happens, Insolar’s blockchain platform will be much more efficient and scalable, putting the company in serious competition with other global players.

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