Microsoft and Starbucks on the new Bitcoin – Frappuccino deal

It may be a little surprising to know that Microsoft and Starbucks have teamed up on a new beverage-cryptocurrency product.

Shortly after McDonalds announced that they will be offering the MacCoin to honour the 50th anniversary of the Big Mac, Starbucks is the other large consumer company that has recently joined the cryptocurrency payment solutions.

Starbucks is now working with Microsoft and ICE to offer a new platform called Bakkt, one that will allow Starbucks customers to transact with cryptocurrencies starting November 2018. The Boston Consulting Group is also said to be participating in the venture.

The platform will actually transform the different cryptocurrencies into US dollars, so that any customer at Starbucks can easily purchase anything from the chain with digital coins.

While Bitcoin is currently very volatile and is mostly considered by many to not be a transaction type of money, Starbucks has been at the forefront of digital payments for years now. Given the rising demand for cryptocurrency payment solutions, it is no surprise that after all that Starbucks is offering this new payment solution.

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