“Farm to cup” – Starbucks and Microsoft team up

Starbucks is undeniably at the forefront of blockchain technologies and innovation. The company partnered with Microsoft in 2018 on a beverage-crypto project. Leaprate reported:

Starbucks is now working with Microsoft and ICE to offer a new platform called Bakkt, one that will allow Starbucks customers to transact with cryptocurrencies starting November 2018. The Boston Consulting Group is also said to be participating in the venture.

The platform will actually transform the different cryptocurrencies into US dollars, so that any customer at Starbucks can easily purchase anything from the chain with digital coins.

Now, Starbucks is giving its customers an opportunity to know much more about the coffee they are served. The coffee giant will track coffee beans using blockchain, a project that involves the supply chain system from “farm to cup”.

For this project, Starbucks is again partnering with Microsoft to use the software giant’s Azure Blockchain Service. The blockchain service will allow the Seattle-based coffee company to track the coffee “path” in “digital, real time.”

All changes made in the coffee journey will be recorded on a shared ledger, while Starbucks will create and provide to its customers a special app through which consumers can get the information about their chosen cup of coffee. Data will include the place of roasting, sourcing and even notes on the taste.

According to information from CoinDesk, in 2018, Starbucks sourced its beans from well over 350,000 coffee farms. Through the blockchain technology employed, the company will give farmers the opportunity to also know where their product is going.

While there is no clear date as to when the project will come to life, Starbucks has already communicated the idea to its shareholders.

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