Education and Blockchain – the next dynamic duo

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Education and blockchain are the next dynamic duo, according to media, especially given the fact that the technology has already disrupted multiple industries and companies around the globe.

There are a number of ways that blockchain can help disrupt education and serve primary role in solving various problems that are currently present in the educational sphere.

Validation of certificates

The verification of certificates is a major problem around the world. Fake diplomas swirl constantly and with the rise of online courses and revolutionary educational systems, it is only normal for a solid verification solution to take place. Blockchain will certainly come in handy when it comes to the ease, accuracy and speed of verifying certificates.

One bright example of an educational institution that is already taking steps to solving the problem of verification of degrees is MIT. The school now uses the so called blockchain app, Blockcerts. The platform is built on the blockchain technology and all degrees can be checked on the app. This allows employers to quickly check the validity of anyone’s degree without having to contact the school. According to Tech in Asia, the advantage of using blockchain is that diplomas will be stored securely, the risk of these certificates getting lost or misplaced is essentially zero once on the blockchain.

Exam preparation

Solutions on blockchain can provide valuable education tools for all users, including those enrolled in distance learning, online MBA programs etc. For example, Opet Foundation is currently developing a blockchain-based chatbot app that will allow learners to access additional education materials for better exam preparation. The app will suggest a variety of worksheets and prep materials for users.

What will happen next is to the benefit of both learners and instructors, since each user will have an online education profile, where instructors will be able to see the progress of their students, assign grades and performance based on the user’s progress and accomplishments registered in the app.

The app will primarily solve one major issue. Many students around the world are at a disadvantage since they do not have access to the needed education materials and preparation as their counterparts that have easier access to study materials.

The other interesting aspect to the Opet Foundation’s chatbot app is that once they have a profile of a user, they can easily connect to universities and recommend prospective students. That will undoubtedly ease the admission and selection processes for both sides.

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Education and Blockchain – the next dynamic duo

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