BTL to launch chain joining blockchain platform Interbit

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BTL Group Ltd. (TSX Venture: BTL) has announced that Interbit, its proprietary next-generation blockchain platform, will be available on April 23, 2018 for testing and feedback.

Interbit is a token free blockchain platform and its release will further highlight the distinction between blockchain technology and the cyptocurrency markets. Furthermore Interbit’s unique chain joining technology is designed to allow users to keep all metadata private in a design framework that is familiar and easy to use, of which both are essential for businesses to truly come to rely on blockchain technology over time,“ said Tom Thompson, CTO of BTL.

Interbit’s unique “chain joining capability” has the capacity to inter-connect many thousands of Interbit blockchains per solution, in a completely private, secure and horizontally scalable manner. BTL developed and built Interbit after determining two years ago that second generation blockchain technologies, such as Ethereum, would not meet the privacy nor the scalability demands of users.

This represents a key milestone in our BTL journey and we look forward to Interbit bringing unrivalled technology to the market,” commented Dominic McCann, CEO of BTL. “Subject to completion of security audit and performance testing following its release, Interbit will be available for commercial deployment shortly thereafter.

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