Blockchain solution for the shipping industry by CargoX

CargoX is a company that offers blockchain-based solutions for the shipping industry. The company just launched its CargoX platform, the first neutral, open and accessible shipping and logistics platform in the world.

According to the press release that CargoX issued:

“The platform can be used by businesses of any size, and it was recently selected as the winning innovation at the IRU World Congress among 77 startups after a presentation in front of over 1000 attendees from more than 60 countries.”

The CargoX platform is built on the network of Ethereum and allows clients to send digital information in a completely decentralized and secure way through a public blockchain. The major advantages for shipping and logistics companies will be to boost their business lines, nurture relationships with clients and decrease operational costs.

The platform is user-friendly and does not require much upfront investment for companies to start using it. Since every document is shared on a global blockchain platform, all users will be able to gain access to analytics, performance tools and transactional data.

The platform allows companies of all sizes to benefit from the blockchain platform. It doesn’t matter if a company is small in size, or just wants to do one transaction on the CargoX platform. All types of companies are allowed to transact and use the platform.

For now, big clients such as Fracht AG, DBA Group, Ocean X and many more different companies in the industry have already started using the CargoX platform.

Stefan Kukman, the CEO and Founder of CargoX, commented:

Blockchain platforms shouldn’t be treated and used as self-contained systems even if they do serve a particular purpose and solve a particular problem. In order to get as much as possible from these technologies, we need to build modular systems that efficiently solve problems – and then use these solutions to construct larger systems.”

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