Blockchain-based city in the Nevada desert

Jeffrey Burns is a lawyer and cryptocurrency millionaire, whose company, Blockchains LLC just bought a huge piece of land in the Nevada desert for $70 million.

The plan of Mr. Burns includes the construction of a new blockchain-powered futuristic city. While the purchase happened this year, Mr. Burns has already engaged top architecture companies to help him design a fully-fledged city, with homes, university, a research campus and more. The special thing about the city will be the blockchain element, as reported by New York Times.

Burns has already invested more than $300 million in design and planning of the grand city project. The CEO of Blockchains LLC made his fortune on Ethereum and is currently a cryptocurrency millionaire.

More specifically, the modern city will have a special tech park, where research and development in the sphere of 3D, AI and nanotechnology can take place, all of which will be integrated on blockchain. In addition, citizens will be able to vote through blockchain.

Burns has reportedly already received some pre-approvals for the homes that will be built. As in a regular city, those will include a variety of buildings and infrastructures. The common thing between all of them will be blockchain-powered services and modern infrastructure.

While the project is still in research phase, there are already designs and suggestions about how the city will look like. Burns is now in talks with nearby residents and tech firms that can help Blockchains LLC build the city of their dreams.

Construction is expected to begin at the end of next year.

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