BitJob creates social mining platform for job referrals and networking

BitJob creates social mining platform for job referrals and networking

bitJob, the peer-to-peer employment marketplace for students, introduces social mining by integrating blockchain technology with word of mouth referrals to create a seamless online job fair for networking and referrals. BitJob has created a decentralized tool and digital networking system where freelancers and students can earn rewards/money/coins for tagging and recommending friends and classmates for job opportunities.


Networking is an important skill to develop when looking for job opportunities. The best way to find a job in today’s marketplace is by a recommendation or direct referral from a friend. By incorporating the concept of social mining, BitJob provides the first blockchain platform where users can network and search for job opportunities based off of word of mouth marketing and referral.

Social mining blends the idea of blockchain mining and word of mouth referral. The concept of mining guarantees that the access to information is public and verified on a public ledger. With BitJob’s word of mouth referral, if someone is made aware of a specific job opening that lines up with the experience of a friend or family member, they will pass this job offer on to them. If the recommendation works and the tagged person gets hired, a smart contract technology grants the user who made the referral a token that they can later use or exchange for real money. This platform allows students to work in their free time and gain real field experience, while also allowing them to make additional income from referring their friends or members of their networks to relevant jobs.

The BitJob platform is a custom-designed interface with intuitive navigation which enables users to access all of the platform’s features without the need for any previous experience of blockchain applications. Some of the features BitJob’s platform incorporates:

  • Proprietary algorithm: To analyze students’ activity and present data to them live.
  • Personal domain: To provide students with their own direct link to their resume to potential employers.
  • Advanced search options: To enable students to find relevant positions and employers based on the user’s experience level and degree program and to enable employers to locate specific types of students based on various criteria such as student ranking, capabilities, various keywords, or designated details from their resume.
  • Blockchain technology: To present user activity accurately and transparently.
Dror Medalion

Dror Medalion

Decentralized recruitment marketplaces such as BitJob, support the social behavior of friends helping friends, networks helping networks”, explained Dror Medalion, Co-Founder and CEO of bitJob. “The BitJob platform has a custom-designed interface, which pairs students with relevant work experience, while also giving professional employers access to all types of freelancers and students. It’s going to be revolutionary and we can’t wait for it to launch.

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