Amazon Web Services opens its blockchain for the general public

Amazon was long rumoured to be launching some type of blockchain or crypto-related product. There were even rumours that Amazon was going to launch its very own coin. While many of these were outright wrong, or wrong for now, Amazon did open up to the technology of blockchain.

In particular, Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced last year that it will be launching a managed blockchain service in 2018, and now AWS is opening the feature to the general public.

As Tech Crunch recently reminded us, Amazon decided to change its opinion on implementing blockchain in its business. It was Andy Jassy,  the chief executive of AWS that announced that the company is thinking of blockchain service that AWS would develop on top of open sources such as Ethereum.

According to a news report from Tech Crunch, Rahul Pathak, the general manager for Amazon Managed Blockchain at AWS commented:

Amazon Managed Blockchain takes care of provisioning nodes, setting up the network, managing certificates and security, and scaling the network. Customers can now get a functioning blockchain network set up quickly and easily, so they can focus on application development instead of keeping a blockchain network up and running.

All interested parties that want to use the AWS blockchain service can do so with a “few clicks” on the AWS Management Console. The managed blockchain service of AWS makes it cost effective and time saving for customers to use the service for their own business needs. Of course, clients can range from all types of industries including finance, retail, energy, logistics and many more. More information about the service can be found here.

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