Air France KLM Employing Blockchain Technology

Just as blockchain is currently disrupting numerous industries, it is time for airline companies to be the next in line. Air France KLM is one of the first aircrafts to be employing blockchain technology in order to keep its top-notch position among customers. The whole maintenance of an aircraft company is usually complicated and blockchain technology may come to the rescue.

Futurism reported:

James Kornberg, Air France KLM business unit director of innovation, said that he is working with his team to come up with a clear business case for blockchain use in improving maintenance processes and work flows. “The use case has to be realistic. The four features of blockchain are resilience, traceability, integrity and disintermediation are well suited to the aviation supply chain.” 

The specific issue that the industry is currently facing is the fact that as opposed to many industries like financial services, airplane companies’ data is not always digital. In order for Blockchain to work, there needs to be digital blocks of data that can be interpreted and verified. In order for airplane companies to take full advantage of what blockchain has to offer, all data must be made digital, as reported by Dom Galeon from Futurism.

There are several ways that an airline company can use blockchain for the better of their customers. First, all data stored will be more secure and transparent than usual, loyalty programs and features will be better managed, as well as payments made by customers.


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Air France KLM Employing Blockchain Technology

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