The 2020 candidates that accept cryptocurrency donations


The gloves are off for the 2020 US presidential election. The majority of candidates are Democrats, and everyone who is running is looking to stand out in some way: ones with policies, other – with the way they gather donations.

The entire process of running is very expensive one. One of the presidential candidates, California Representative, Mr. Eric Swalwell, announced this past week that his campaign will be accepting crypto donations.

For the acceptance of crypto payments, Mr. Swalwell’s team is using a cryptocurrency payment company called The White Company. The firm accepts bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ether, stellar lumens, bitcoin SV and even its very own digital coin called WSD, which runs on network of Stellar.

As Yahoo Finance reported, Mr. Swalwell commented on how cryptocurrencies and blockchain change the world we live in:

Blockchain can change the world—if we let it. Is there a risk? Sure. That’s why we must test, re-test, and constantly monitor such systems for interference or abuses by using expert oversight. We can do that, with the transparency and accountability to ensure public trust… Government has to keep up with the times, and the times have changed

Another candidate that now accepts cryptocurrency payments is Mr. Andrew Yang, another Democratic candidate. Mr. Yang has been accepting digital coins as payment for almost a year.

Mr. Swalwell accepted cryptocurrency donations even in 2012. While his campaign team claims that he does not own any cryptocurrency himself. Mr. Swalwell is using the new technology again in 2020.


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