This 2020 U.S. Presidential Candidate is now accepting Bitcoin sponsorship

The U.S. Presidential Elections are in just under 2 years and some candidates are already preparing hard for 2020. One potential U.S. Presidential Candidate has now announced that he is accepting donations in the form of cryptocurrencies for his campaign.

Andrew Yang, who will be running in 2020, has used his Twitter account to announce that Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies are more than welcome to support his presidential bid.

Mr. Yang is rather an unconventional candidate, to say the least. He is an accomplished entrepreneur, the founder of Venture for America, a proponent of the so called “human capitalism”, opponent to the technological replacement of human labor, such as AI and a supporter of a basic monthly $1,000-level income for all American people.

Th maximum amount any contributor to the U.S. Presidential Campaign can make is $2,500. All donors will be receiving a special digital currency wallet that will be used for transferring the donations.

While it may seem rather innovative and probably controversial to an extent for a U.S. Presidential Candidate to receive financial support in the form of cryptocurrencies, Yang is not the first one to accept such payment.

According to CCN, several other candidates received bitcoin “support” when they were running, including U.S. Senator Rand Pau, the Republican Candidate Austin Petersen and even The Libertarian Party of Texas.

While bitcoin is still not regulated and there are many questions arising when it comes to the “people’s currency”, it seems quite normal for future politicians and presidential candidates to be accepting such forms of payments, considering the ever-growing popularity of digital currencies.

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