Bitcoin Price Bounces Back To $3,500


After hitting historic lows of $3,000 in the last week, Bitcoin is now stabilizing its price level with rising $600 and gradually shaking away the China new cryptocurrency policies and JP Morgan’s CEO slandering comments. 

According to CryptoCompare data from this morning, September 15th, the price of Bitcoin has risen with around 2% to $3,620. At the same time, Chinese investors are selling off at a discount at around $3,040, down with 6.8%, which only denotes the growing expectation that China will soon launch its own cryptocurrency, while abandoning the bitcoin trading from September 30th.

Overall, the cryptocurrency market’s value is plunging every day of this week, with Bitcoin’s price now slowly increasing. With the latest news that there can be a healthcare bitcoin very soon, and that cryptocurrencies may break into e-commerce, there is big hope that soon the market will stabilize.

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Bitcoin Price Bounces Back To $3,500

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