Finantick launches new version of its binary brokerage platform

Finantick, a recent entry into the platform development space for retail FX and binary options trading today informed of the launch of a new version of its binary brokerage platform, now offering a new user interface, messaging and pop-up system, as well as direct integrations to the largest affiliate systems.

The company, which was largely unknown outside of closed circles, edged into the market in 2015 by providing a niche and boutique approach to the provision of binary options platforms.

Finantick doesn’t seem anywhere to be found. Nonetheless, in its two years, it has racked up a decent amount of clients with 32 active brokerages to be exact.

It is quite interesting to see that a relatively new platform provider has been able to carve a niche in this very tight market where competition has driven down both the number of brokers actively seeking such solutions as well as the royalties.

It is also well known that the binary industry is suffering from a serious PR problem of late making their rise all the more noteworthy. So where does a company like this, well off on the fringe of this industry, find clients? According to the company’s CEO:

“Customers are simply coming to Finantick when they’ve been left behind by the larger platforms. The big guys seem to just want the million dollar plus brokerages. Well, what are you going to do? Not every brokerage is going to get there. It is our job, as a platform provider to be there when no one else will. And we’ve done that rather well. Providing support, time, even finding and integrating affiliates and their software just so we can be the platform that got it done for the client. I guess that’s the missing element today. Just doing whatever it takes.”

The company doesn’t believe that binary is over either, once the bad brokers are driven out and bad PR behind the industry, the product is a good hedging and speculation tool. The company is currently taking steps to widen their offering and make it more amenable to regulators by making the platform a tighter and less manipulative environment, which is commendable.

However, it is clear that binary is not at its peak, so what’s the future? According to the company, a mix of very sleek binary options user interface coupled with a simple and easy trading method for forex trading is, in fact, the future. As such, the company plans on rolling out two phases of a new forex offering in the coming weeks and months. We will be first to provide new developments coming from Finantick as they are released.

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Finantick launches new version of its binary brokerage platform

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