OptionWeb warns its French affiliates: remove all reference to Binary Options

LeapRate Exclusive… LeapRate has learned that binary options, forex and CFDs broker OptionWeb has sent out a fairly strongly worded message to its affiliates serving clients in France, Monaco and Luxembourg.

The message (in French, repeated in full below) makes it very clear that OptionWeb affiliates must immediately remove all ads and text promoting binary options trading. Only ads for ‘Protected CFDs’ are allowed, with the word ‘Protected’ ALWAYS appearing together with the term ‘CFD’. Any ads or text must also define what a Protected CFD is (i.e. limited risk, guaranteed stop loss), plus must clearly present the risks of CFD trading.

OptionWeb is one of several trading brands of CySEC CIF licensed Spot Capital Markets Ltd. the company began life as a regulated binary options broker, but has transitioned over the past several months to focus mainly on CFDs. Its logo tag line now reads ‘Regulated and Safe CFD Trading’.

There still seems to be some confusion in some circles as to what is and isn’t allowed in France, following new strict rules governing the advertising of leveraged trading services introduced by French regulator AMF.

As LeapRate exclusively reported at the beginning of February, the AMF ‘forex ad ban’ applies fully to binary options and leveraged spot forex products, but does not apply to CFDs – as long as they are ‘protected CFDs’. Meaning, there is:

  1. a hard guaranteed stop loss to each CFD trade, and
  2. negative balance protection provided to the clients, such that each client cannot lose more than the money he or she deposits.

The ad ban, therefore, does not apply to advertising and promotion such as sports sponsorships by online trading companies in France – as long as the broker in question actually has products which match the AMF requirements. And, as long as the sponsorship doesn’t advertise specific products not allowed by the AMF (being binary options, forex, and non-protected CFDs).

There have been some articles circulating lately deriding sports sponsorships in France by certain online brokers, including OptionWeb. However we believe that the authors of those articles don’t really understand the AMF ad ban, as we described above.

The message sent out by OptionWeb to its France-focused affiliates reads as follows:

Chers Partenaires,

Après de longs mois de travail nous avons pu repartir et démarrer une nouvelle aventure.Néanmoins, ayant toujours été méticuleux au regard des règles et lois en vigueur, il nous est impératif de prendre les mesures nécessaires afin de vous et nous protéger d’une sanction de 100.000 euros en nous conformant aux exigences de l’AMF.

Il est donc important que vous et nous soyons attentifs aux règles en place, ci-dessous les piliers de ces nouvelles règles:

  1. Retirer si ce n’est pas déjà fait TOUTES publicités, textes ou comparatif liant OptionWeb au trading option binaire
  2. Nommer le CFD Protégé (La mention “Protégé” doit TOUJOURS apparaître avec le terme « CFD”
  3. Définir ce qu’est le CFD Protégé (risque limité, « stop loss garanti»)
  4. Présenter clairement les risques du trading de CFD Protégé

Interdictions :


  • Il est strictement interdit de faire de la publicité pour du trading option binaire et de lier de près ou de loin le trading option binaire à Optionweb.
  • Uniquement la publicité sur le mode trading CFD protégé d’OptionWeb sera autorisée.
  • Uniquement le trafic provenant de France, Monaco, Luxembourg est autorisé

Tout manquement à l’une de ces règles nous obligera à une suspension de la campagne dans un souci de protection de nos partenaires et de notre marque.

Nous vous invitons à nous contacter au plus vite afin de démarrer notre collaboration fructueuse.Vous pouvez d’ores et déjà ouvrir votre compte affilié ici. Merci d’y stipuler les sites où vous souhaitez promouvoir notre marque.

L’équipe OptionWeb

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