Tag: Volatility

October 21, 2014 BY Mike Fox

Op-ed: FX business now shares equities’ margin shrinkage

Reuters has an excellent op-ed piece today outlining the shrinking commissions for FX dealers across the industry spectrum, it has always been about volume, but now more than ever. Dominic Elliot lays out the harsh economics of the FX business. He compared lower commissions of FX to the equity business which also coincided with the…

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September 16, 2014 BY Mike Fox

ITG launches FX Volatility Index application

ITG (NYSE:ITG), a leading execution and research broker, today announced the launch of the ITG FX Volatility Index (ITG FXVX), an innovative daily benchmark for Foreign Exchange traders and portfolio managers. The ITG FX Volatility Index forecasts the volatility in the coming trading day based on historical trends and adjusts for implied volatility as well…

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