Tag: transaction malleability

February 17, 2014 BY Gerald Segal

Bitcoin prices on Mt Gox rebound more than 60%

Prices soaring since the company has issued a press release detailing a solution to recent problems It has taken Mt Gox a bit more than 6 hours to complete their fix implementation of a workaround to the “transaction malleability” issue, but we have a winner now and those might be the customers at the exchange.…

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February 15, 2014 BY Gerald Segal

Bitcoin prices diverge massively between different exchanges

Mt Gox announces maintenance, price almost drops to $300 Panicky behavior of Bitcoin investors is wreaking havoc across the market, especially at Mt Gox. According to current data provided by Bitcoincharts.com price divergence between Mt Gox and BitStamp is close to 85%. For every Bitcoin you are holding at Mt Gox you could get (assuming…

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