Analysis: What is the real cost? We have not seen the end yet

FXCM’s initial confirmation of negative client balances was $225 million, however it has now been revealed that it stands at $276 million. With a $51 million gulf, and only a handful of brokers having reported their negative equity exposure, what is the true cost? LeapRate takes a detailed look

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Counting the true cost: FXCM Global Head of Dealing Eduard Yusupov’s foreclosed shares sold for $2.4 million

FXCM Global Head of Dealing Eduard Yusupov had pledged 1.2 million units of FXCM Inc (NYSE:FXCM) stock with a broker as collateral on a margin loan facility. As a result of the events of January 15, the broker foreclosed on the collateral, which has now been sold for $2.43 million. Prior to January 15, this amount of FXCM shares would have been worth closer to $20 million

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