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October 21, 2013 BY Gerald Segal

Bitcoin prices soar again, driven by Baidu and China

Latest batch of Bitcoin investors are Chinese players triggered by Baidu's decision to accept Bitcoin payments. Apparently the more news about Bitcoin, the better for the digital currency. We all remember the astronomic rise in Bitcoin prices that we observed back in March/April thanks in large to the mainstream media spelling out the name "Bitcoin"…

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October 15, 2013 BY Gerald Segal

Bitcoin prices more than recover from Silk Road shutdown drop

The big winner from Bitcoin's price rise? Advanced computer hardware makers. As they said during the California Gold Rush of the 1850s, it is the shovel companies that made the big money.... Despite periodic bouts of volatility, Bitcoin prices continue to steadily rise, and now, at about $135, are valued at more than 10 times…

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