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March 25, 2014 BY Andrew Saks-McLeod

Guest Editorial: Strategy and Product over Pretty Ads

FX marketing professional Bart Burggraaf of MediaGroup London explains why product and strategy matters more than pretty advertisements I am willing to concede that product and strategy can flow from a great creative idea and that in the past many major advertising successes came from a Creative who found the golden nugget in an otherwise distinctly un-shiny…

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March 14, 2014 BY Andrew Saks-McLeod

LeapRate Interview: Match-Trade's Imran Firoz Elaborates On Turnkey Matching Engine

Californian financial technology company Match-Trade's recently launched turnkey matching engine solution for retail FX aims to reduce STP and bridge costs. LeapRate goes into detail with Match-Trade Managing Director Imran Firoz on how to operate efficiently A well worn adage among companies at the forefront of software development is that competition plus consumer demand creates…

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