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April 09, 2015 BY Maria Nikolova

Russians lost RUB 2 billion because of financial pyramids in 2014

Russians said goodbye to approximately RUB 2 billion (USD 38m) of their personal funds last year because of the activities of financial pyramids in the country. The gloomy estimate was unveiled by Sergey Shvetsov, first deputy governor of the Bank of Russia, in an interview with TV channel Russia-24. Mr Shvetsov, who is also known…

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February 12, 2015 BY Maria Nikolova

Russia's CRFIN blacklists Forex company PROM-24

Russia's Centre for Regulation in OTC Financial Instruments and Technologies, also known as CRFIN, has been diligently performing its oversight functions of the Russian Forex market to the degree that its status of a self-regulatory organization permits. One of the main functions of CRFIN is to inform traders and investors of fraudulent projects and companies…

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