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January 14, 2014 BY Gerald Segal

Is eBay about to introduce its own version of Bitcoin?

We need a payment systems revolution and Bitcoin is part of the solution, Paypal could be jumping on the bandwagon Forget about copycats that are trying to take away the crown of Bitcoin amongst digital currencies – forget about the satiric ambitions of Dogecoin (yes, really...) and the daring Coinye (formerly Coinye West...). If you…

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December 10, 2013 BY Gerald Segal

Banking center Switzerland gives a big boost to Bitcoin

Paypal’s Director sees it as a store of value, adds that regulation will boost merchant adoption As hectic volatility on the Bitcoin exchanges goes on, we are on a mission to explore recent factors behind the latest batch of dramatic moves. Yesterday Swiss lawmakers have given the needed “governmental” boost to the crypto-currency with a…

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September 17, 2013 BY Gerald Segal

BitPay hits 10,000 merchants using its Bitcoin payment services

VC-backed Bitcoin payments solutions company is making tracks to make Bitcoin a 'real' currency. Everyone understands that a currency must be something we actually use to buy things. For a while, the hype surrounding Bitcoin was all about who is investing in it (the Winklevoss twins), and who was making it available to trade (several…

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