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Huobi Group announces Indonesia expansion
September 09, 2019 BY Mariela Naydenova

Indonesia with a brand new way to monitor fintech companies

While the UK FSA has had some ideas about how to approach the ever growing cryptocurrency, blockchain and overall the entire fintech industry, another financial regulatory body is taking serious steps to do the same thing. The Indonesian FSA, also known as OJK, has created an online registration platform so as to more efficiently oversee…

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July 27, 2016 BY Mike Fox

Bank Indonesia integrates Bloomberg’s Forex trading platform 'FXGO'

Bank Indonesia, the central bank of The Republic of Indonesia announced today they will integrate Bloomberg’s commission-free foreign exchange trading platform, Bloomberg FXGO, into its real-time trade monitoring system (SISMONTAVAR). This direct connectivity will enable banks and securities firms in Indonesia to conduct FX transactions seamlessly on their Bloomberg Professional service – from pre-trade and…

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