American echo trading network Perfectna forms first partnership with ATC Brokers – Live report from New York City

“Our intention is to engage users and provide comprehensive assistance to their trading, is to ensure that brokers should gain a higher retention ratio with regard to their clients, which according to our research should be three times longer than without an echo trading system” – Daniel Peña, CEO and founder, Perfectna

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It’s all about education, says Tutores-FX CEO Daniel Ruiz

Tutores-FX has witnessed a rapid increase in followers from 5,000 just three years ago to 55,000 today. CEO Daniel Ruiz insists that education in Latin America is key to success in a largely untapped and burgeoning region for retail traders

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LeapRate Interview: Guardmark pioneers FX foray into Mexico

Guardmark Capital Markets has established its headquarters in Mexico City, the third largest metropolis in the world. The company’s VP, Jonny King spoke to LeapRate about the company’s pioneering presence in Mexico, and the vast potential of Latin America for the FX industry

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