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August 08, 2014 BY Gerald Segal

FXCM acquisition of FXDD US clients - $4.4 million

LeapRate Exclusive... LeapRate has learned that the May acquisition by FXCM (NYSE:FXCM) of FXDD's US client assets was done for cash consideration of $4.4 million. It turns out that the assets acquired were a little less than previously advertised - FXCM ended up getting $23.4 million in client equity spread among 6,172 active accounts. FXCM's…

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March 17, 2014 BY Andrew Saks-McLeod

FXCM Completes Transaction Surrounding HFT Firm Infinium Capital Ahead Of Note Maturity

FXCM concludes transaction relating to ailing HFT firm Infinium Capital five months after acquiring $12 million note from investors, and launches joint venture firm V3 Markets FXCM has announced the completion of its purchase of selected assets of Chicago-based high-frequency trading company Infinium Capital Back in October 2013, LeapRate reported that investors in Infinium Capital…

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November 18, 2013 BY Gerald Segal

FXCM extends debt facility to $250 million as it pursues acquisitions

FXCM already has a strong balance sheet with over $400 million in cash. Leading forex broker FXCM (NYSE:FXCM) announced today that it has extended its $155 million credit facility by $50 million to $205 million -- and under certain circumstances it can be further extended to $250 million. The maturity of the facility was extended…

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November 12, 2013 BY Gerald Segal

FXCM acquisition of Faros Trading – $15.6 million

$5 million cash paid up front, a further $10.6 million to be paid in 2015 in cash and/or FXCM stock. So what is top-end Forex research worth? A lot, it turns out. LeapRate has learned that FXCM's previously-announced acquisition of Faros Trading cost FXCM $15.6 million -- and that's just for 50.1% of Faros. FXCM (NYSE:FXCM)…

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October 10, 2013 BY Gerald Segal

FXCM-Infinium $12M deal – not a direct investment

Clarification to yesterday's story on FXCM's investment in commodities market maker Infinium Capital. Small clarification to yesterday's announcement by FXCM that it had purchased a $12 million note issued by commodities market maker Infinium Capital. This might just be a small nuance, but LeapRate has learned that FXCM purchased the already-existing note from Infinium investors,…

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September 23, 2013 BY Gerald Segal

FXCM strengthens institutional offering by acquiring research shop Faros Trading

Faros clients are mainly hedge funds, institutional money managers, corporations, and family offices. Just a few days after acquiring Alpari US's retail assets, global forex leader FXCM has made an acquisition on the institutional side of its business, buying Faros Trading. Faros is a leader in FX intelligence, market coverage, and execution services to the institutional foreign…

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August 23, 2013 BY Gerald Segal

FXCM confirms M&A talks with high speed trading firm Infinium

However FXCM did not say whether or not any sort of investment in or acquisition of Infinium was imminent. After a Wall Street Journal article reported that leading forex broker FXCM was in talks to to invest in Infinium Capital Management LLC, a Chicago-based struggling high-frequency trading firm, FXCM decided to post a quick comment confirming…

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June 03, 2013 BY Gerald Segal

FXCM increases money raised in notes offering to $172.5 million

FXCM positions itself strongly to pursue acquisitions, raising nearly $50M more than planned following strong demand for its notes. Leading FX broker FXCM, a member of LeapRate's Approved List, has increased the size of its initial note offering from a planned $125 million to $172.5 million, following strong demand from institutional investors for the offering. FXCM's five-year…

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May 29, 2013 BY Gerald Segal

Why exactly is FXCM raising $125 million?

FXCM has $275 million in cash, and just over $100 million in debt. So why is it borrowing more money? Leading FX broker FXCM, a member of LeapRate's Approved List, announced yesterday its plans to raise $125 million in 5-year convertible notes. (Up to $144 million, actually, if the Wall Street underwriters choose to exercise…

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