Greece: Is the EU shuffling the deckchairs on the Titanic?

The EU and IMF have provided bailout after bailout to Greece, and now the possibility of an exit from the European Union and Eurozone along with national bankruptcy is looking increasingly likely following a summit in Riga last week. What will this do to the EU economy?

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ASIC signs agreement on cross border post-trade reporting with ESMA

A memorandum of understanding between ASIC and ESMA has been signed by both parties on the reporting of OTC derivatives, indicating further progress made by national and continental regulators in order to ensure cross-border standardization of regulatory structures.

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Russia’s currency has now hit all time lows

While the Ruble is breaching government mandated price controls; Russian Central Bank heads are still keen to proceed with plans to remove currency controls which analysts say in the long run with be net positive for the Russian economy

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