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December 02, 2013 BY Gerald Segal

ForexTime accepting deposits in CNY via China UnionPay

Retail forex brokers making it easier for China clients to deposit and trade Cyprus based retail forex broker ForexTime has announced that it is starting to accept card transactions denominated in CNY through China UnionPay (CUP). This is the only bank card organization which is based in China operating under the supervision of the People's…

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November 22, 2013 BY Gerald Segal

PBOC says China does not need more FX reserves

Chinese officials will be taking first steps towards FX liberalization It has been only a couple of days since we heard from Chinese officials on the subject of FX market reform. It has proved to be enough for us to get more details into the thinking of the People’s Bank Of China (PBOC). As Bloomberg…

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May 13, 2013 BY Gerald Segal

China's SAFE announces further easing of Forex regulations

Moving Yuan in and out of the country will be easier, and trading the Yuan should become easier. LeapRate Exclusive... China's State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE) has posted (in Chinese only) that it will simplify FX regulations, creating an easier and more convenient environment for foreign investors to move money into and out of the…

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April 12, 2013 BY Gerald Segal

CIOT EXPO China online trading conference tomorrow in Shenzhen

The leading annual FX and online trading Expo in China. A reminder to our readers, that the annual CIOT EXPO for 2013 will be taking place this weekend (Saturday and Sunday) in Shenzhen, China, at the Shenzhen Grand Theater. For more information on speakers and the agenda, or if you'd like to register for the…

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November 30, 2012 BY Gerald Segal

Bloomberg first with access to China's CFETS

First foreign info provider to be allowed to deliver onshore CNY prices. As global interest in China's currency has grown, there has been increasing dialogue about the divergence of China's internal "onshore" Renminbi market (CNY), and the trading of the currency outside China in the "offshore" market (CNH). While the offshore CNH market has grown…

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