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INTL FCStone’s Carsten Hils discusses the impact the current crisis has on FX markets
March 27, 2019 BY Valentina Kirilova

Europe is going all in blockchain technologies – future investments of $815 million

Despite a volatile market for the cryptocurrencies, blockchain technologies are thriving. Europe appears to be at the forefront of blockchain investments. According to a report by IDC’ Worldwide Semiannual Blockchain Spending Guide, Europe will spend more than $800 million in blockchain-related technologies in 2019. The total spending amount will reach the staggering $3.6 billion by…

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March 16, 2017 BY Valentina Kirilova

Singapore fintech startup Invictus turns to IBM for blockhain support

IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced Singapore fintech start-up, INVICTUS, is collaborating with them to leverage IBM Cloud and Blockchain technologies for their Order, Logistic & Payment (OLP) platform. The platform aims to help businesses reduce wastage, redundancy and cash-flow issues in their transaction processes by disrupting the supply chain management cycle with blockchain smart contract…

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April 28, 2016 BY Maria Nikolova

Russia's NSD tests blockchain-based e-proxy voting prototype

While the Bank of Russia is still exploring the pros and cons of blockchain, the distributed ledger technologies have won support from the National Settlement Depository (NSD), part of the Moscow Exchange group of companies. NSD announces today that it has successfully finished developing and testing an e-proxy voting system running on a distributed ledger (blockchain…

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