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asic charges
February 12, 2019 BY Valentina Kirilova

Former Deutsche Bank FX trader jailed for fabricating trade entries

A former FX Options and futures trader at Deutsche Bank’s Sydney branch, Andrew Donaldson, was today sentenced to 18 months in prison by the Sydney District Court for fabricating trade entries within the bank’s internal documents and systems, Australian regulator ASIC stated earlier today. Donaldson, who now resides in New Zealand, pleaded guilty to the…

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September 29, 2016 BY Valentina Kirilova

ASIC permanently bans former Deutsche Bank FX trader

ASIC has permanently banned former Deutsche Bank FX options and futures trader, Andrew Donaldson, of Sydney, from providing financial services. The banning follows an ASIC investigation into Mr Donaldson's conduct in 2013 and 2014 in entering a significant number of false entries into Deutsche Bank's records. By making these false entries, Mr Donaldson temporarily offset…

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