Financial Futures Association of Japan

The Financial Futures Association of Japan

Reflecting developing trends, the Financial Futures Association of Japan (FFAJ) was established in August 1989 by the authorisation of the Minister of Finance pursuant to the Financial Futures Trading Law promulgated in 1988.


The primary objectives of the FFAJ are to ensure the protection of investors and the sound growth of the financial futures industry and futures trading through proper business management of financial futures firms.


As of July 2020, FFAJ has a total membership of 147 organisations. It is pursuing its mission, as the only self-regulatory organisation for financial instrument firms and registered financial institutions carrying out financial futures business. It provides services in such areas as guidance on industry-wide self-regulation, settlement of claims and grievances, mediation services to settle disputes, industry research and planning, and public relations and training.


The FFAJ also added to its powers to protect investors. ‘In accordance with the revision of the Financial Futures Trading Law in 1992, FFAJ reinforced its function as a self-regulatory body to further enhance its services. The Financial Futures Trading Law was further revised in July 2005, with the consequence that the over-the-counter financial futures transactions with retail customers are now counted as a financial futures business. Plus, the registration of the members’ sales representatives and the mediation services to settle the disputes between members and investors have been added to the major services of FFAJ.’


According to the website, the FFAJ offers the following services:


  • Formulating self-regulatory rules for members and providing them with audit, guidance and recommendations.
  • Working for the prompt solution of investor complaints and grievances in cooperation with the members.
  • Conducting research on both domestic and foreign financial futures markets, compiling statistical data and preparing recommendations for the proper growth of the industry.
  • Issuing publications on financial futures and hosting seminars and training, and public relations through its website.


Also, the regulatory body offers advice to individual customers who intend to conduct forex transactions. There is also a contact telephone number for any enquiries, complaints or need for mediation. Telephone: 0120-64-5005 (Free Dial). The FFAJ also handles public relations through its website ( It also hosts training sessions and seminars.

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