Mobile point of sale infographic shows future benefits and market growth

Mobile technologies are constantly growing and evolving to suit our changing and more sophisticated needs. Mobile point of sale (mPOS) has an important role in our contemporary shopping/purchase activities. mPOS is a mobile device such as an iPad, Android tablet, smartphone or a single-use wireless device that can serve as a stationary cash register and conventional brick & mortar payment terminal. These devices can often be paired with POS hardware such as barcode scanner, credit/debit card reader and cash drawer.

mPOS devices offer users flexibility and mobility along with quicker check-out time, payment cycles and improved customer experience. They also allow for simplification and speeding up the financial transactions, an improvement to the customer experience and service quality. Moreover, mPOS offers opportunities for facilitating inventory lookup, access to customer data, value-added services, upselling and cross-selling.

The future of mPOS

With the help of on-spot, flexible and instant checkout options, mPOS proves to be an advantage for offering on-the-go cashless transactions for individual business-owners, such as grocery store runners, solo vendors and other mobile businesses such as food trucks, sports venues, flea markets, repair services and so on. For small business owners, the technology is a cost-effective alternative to electronic and traditional registers or other expensive software systems. The following infographic illustrates insights about the trends of mPOS and statistics.

[Infographic] mPOS: Apprehending Future Market & Enterprise Benefits by Kiosk Lockdown Software

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