ISGN teams up with Ventanex for integrated smart payment

Ventanex and ISGN announced their partnership today, bringing together two software programs that will streamline the borrower’s payment and communication experience. The integration of ISGN’s LoanDynamix software with Ventanex’s LIFT payment and messaging platform allows servicers to leverage the robust suite of borrower engagement and intelligent payment processing tools giving every borrower an optimal portal experience.

ISGN is empowering mortgage servicers with more data, control, and the convenience of relying on only one system to handle a loan’s entire life-cycle. By adding LIFT payment and messaging capabilities to the powerful LoanDynamix software, mortgage servicers will have secure access to real-time loan information and, ultimately, provide a better experience for borrowers.

Ventanex’s LIFT is built with the most advanced technologies and is cloud-based, scalable, and customizable. Through this partnership, LIFT will have direct access to real-time loan information in LoanDynamix to drive a better borrower experience.

LIFT makes it possible for mortgage servicers’ to increase communication with borrowers through print, email, and text, all while providing top security.

LIFT complements LoanDynamix’s goal of bringing all the solutions needed for mortgage servicers and their borrowers into one convenient, and secure system.

Through this real-time connection to LoanDynamix, ISGN customers can decrease servicing costs, build better customer relationships, and enhance compliance,” said Chris Sanders, the CEO of Ventanex. “Our new partnership provides servicers an integrated solution from two companies with a long track record of delivering innovation within the mortgage industry.

ISGN is committed to bringing integration partnerships to LoanDynamix that accentuates our clientele’s ability to serve their borrowers best,” added Destinee Pratt, the SVP at ISGN. “Our partnership with Ventanex furthers that commitment by giving our customers access to a platform with proven performance within the mortgage industry.

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