AirTM teams up with pay-to-click platform Neobux

AirTM, a blockchain and bank-connected digital wallet, has announced its partnership with the pay-to-click platform NeoBux. The integration’s aim is to provide global payment services and better financial security and control to freelancers in developing countries.

AirTM is now available as a payment option on NeoBux, allowing freelancers around the globe to instantly convert money to and from USD, cryptocurrency, e-wallets, and over 200 other regional currencies. Transactions with NeoBux and AirTM are performed at a pre-negotiated rate of just 1% — well below currency exchange averages and rates on other large payment platforms.

Freelance work only continues to explode globally — in 2016, for instance, it grew by over 180% in Latin America. However, the challenges of connecting freelancers with their hard-earned money have persisted. Even beyond Latin America, over 90 countries in the developing world are not connected to simple, mainstream payment systems like PayPal, so their citizens must use multiple services to transfer and use their money and get hit with substantial fees in the process, greatly reducing the actual take-home pay these freelancers receive,” said Ruben Galindo Steckel, Co-Founder of AirTM.

AirTM’s P2P service enables rapid and secure conversion between local currencies to USD and cryptocurrency in any country.

Our new payout integration with NeoBux aims to help those in destabilized markets who desperately need to regain control of their financial destinies. We’re proud to lead the decentralized currency revolution and help millions of people around the world feel financially freer, without the roadblocks imposed by bureaucracies and antiquated banking systems,” Galindo continued.

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