XTB Group reports EUR 15 million 6-month profit, strong financial position

During the last week, after the Swiss Central Bank (SNB) announcement, XTB Group has improved its January’s financial results, making the month one of the most profitable in the last six month period. The Group’s net profit for the last six months, including January’s 2015 forecast, should exceed 15M euros, out of which 15% has been realized by its institutional arm, X Open Hub (XOH), an institutional technology and liquidity provider.

There are several reasons why, according to the company’s senior management, that the XTB Group went through Swiss tsunami stronger than before:

The intelligent XOH’s risk management technology, which allows adjustment of the open positions to company’s risk averse profile, is attributable by the firm as one of the reasons.

Conservative leverage management is another. The average leverage offered by XTB is 1:100, which is decreased by the increase of client’s deposits. What is more, XTB has been able to apply its advanced risk strategy on the CHF currency pairs a few months prior to the SNB announcement.

And finally, the major open position before the SNB announcement was long CHFPLN, which contributed significantly to January’s results.

XTB is currently actively looking for acquisitions or joint ventures to extend its client base and geographical reach.

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