XFR Financial taps AU10TIX BOS for streamlining client ID authentication and onboarding

XFR Financial, the CySEC regulated CIF of trading brands XTrade and XForex has deployed AU10TIX BOS SaaS (Cloud) service; enabling 100% automated end-to-end processing that includes auto-classification, content extraction, logical authentication, tampering forensics and additional checks. AU10TIX BOS is the only solution on the market capable of such depth and breadth of authentication checks across a wide range of documents, with global reach. Despite the complexity of image processing and authentication checks AU10TIX BOS is seconds fast, enabling immediate reaction to any issues that may arise, while the customer is still in process. AU10TIX BOS eliminates “friction” on the part of customers to the max: No data entry is required – just click & send, while approval or resolution of any issues can take place without delay.

“We chose AU10TIX BOS because we do not want to compromise on either security or speed”, says Atara Yavin, VP Payments of XFR Financial: “AU10TIX BOS enables us to provide first class service to our customers while having the best possible protection against fraud. On top of it is the added value of being able to increase effective volume handing capacity and conversion success chances by virtue of an effortless onboarding process that even allows resolving any issues just as simply”.

“Online trading is one of our more active markets, and for a reason”, says Ron Atzmon, Managing Director of AU10TIX: “This is a fast-moving, competitive space that’s also under increased regulatory scrutiny We greatly appreciate XFR’s vote of confidence in AU10TIX BOS. We found there forward-looking professionals who did their homework and checked all alternatives thoroughly. We are proud to be proven yet again superior to conventional solutions. BOS is next-gen technology.”

“Welcome onboard, XFR Financial”, says Ofer Friedman, VP Marketing of AU10TIX: “And welcome to the age of Secure Customer Onboarding. This is the imminent standard of all regulated markets. Fraud protection, customer service and operating efficiency are no longer separate things. The whole idea behind AU10TIX BOS is that all can take place in the same process. You chose right to make it easier for your customers, and to make it securer and more efficient for you and them. Of course, you’ll benefits from the new capabilities we’ll be bringing to the market later on.”

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