Weekend Habits of Happy Forex Traders

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This article was written by New Zealand based Forex broker Titan FX.

To unplug from daily trading work, create weekend habits that promote better mental health and relaxation. Being a well rounded and happy forex trader is important to achieve long term success. To cope with the challenges of the forex market, initiating an enjoyable weekend routine can provide much needed rejuvenation. It can establish the right mindset and boost productivity for next week’s forex trading activities. Instead of working longer hours or spend free time browsing the net, schedule a stress-free weekend activity to uplift mental well being and prepare for the work week ahead.

Having strong mental health is vital in forex trading. When dealing with monetary risks, a week of trading can be overwhelming even for veteran traders. Because of this, it is beneficial to build weekend habits aimed for improved mental wellness. Here are the best ways to efficiently schedule better weekend habits:

  • Have a reliable strategy and be confident in your calculations. This will put your mind at ease and will enable you to fully enjoy the weekend.
  • Plan out your weekend activities ahead of time.
  • Prioritize tasks earlier on to avoid working on the weekend. Doing this can minimize any worry of incomplete tasks.
  • Compress and schedule errands so you can make time for other activities.
  • Optimize productivity for the week. This can help in feeling more fulfilled during the weekend.

A worthwhile weekend for forex traders means taking time away from executions and analysis to decompress and unwind. For better sense of accomplishment and self-motivation, take full advantage of time-off and try these weekend habits for a happy and fulfilling forex trading career:

Connect with your inspiration

Personal performance is elevated if a forex trader is inspired and motivated. Inspiration encourages better delivery and more quality output for daily tasks. Oftentimes, the risks and anxiety in trading can affect mental well being and lessen personal motivation. Because of this, practicing a weekend habit that promotes inspiration can help strengthen mindset. In the long run, it can also help traders realize pre-set goals and increase the drive to succeed.

Schedule a digital detox

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Forex traders spend most of the week in front of digital screens. With a 24 hour market, time for chart analysis and executions are spent online. Because of this, scheduling a digital detox is one of the best ways to unwind during the weekend. This results further prevention of digital eye strain and stronger mental health. To successfully achieve digital detox, learn from The Ultimate Guideline for Achieving Digital Detox.

Activities for personal time

Although forex trading is a one man job, the constant exposure to the forex market can overwhelm even the most committed trader. By planning activities for personal time, you can create a weekend habit that can help let go of the week’s challenges and promote positivity. Spending time alone can also encourage:

  • Creativity
  • Stress relief
  • Mindfulness
  • Contentment
  • Stillness

Venture outdoors

Research shows that there are great scientific benefits to spending more time outdoors. This includes greater short term memory, activated mental energy and sharpened concentration. Time spent outside can also minimize digital eye strain and improve vision. Whether it is during warm or cold weather, spending the weekend with nature can boost both mental and physical wellbeing. With plenty of work ahead, forex traders can venture outdoors to improve mood and soothe any anxious feelings.

Sweat it out!

Success in forex trading calls for healthy body and mind. In fact, working out is one of the best weekend habits that forex traders can take advantage of. Doing any physical activity can naturally boost immune system and optimize mood levels for better mental health. If you cannot squeeze in daily exercise during the week, make use of free time in the weekend to become healthier and sweat it out.

Practice a passion

If there is no passion in your life, then have you really lived? Find your passion, whatever it may be.” – T. Alan Armstrong

Happy forex traders have other passions in life apart from trading. When focusing on another passion, traders feel a better sense of fulfillment and can apply this in their trading activities. For a well rounded career, find something you love to do without any incentive. Here are the benefits of practicing a passion on the weekends:

  1. Promotes good work-life balance
  2. Encourages diligence and persistence
  3. Strengthens your focus
  4. Builds better confidence
  5. Boosts personal levels for quality results

Do something for others

Oftentimes, the big chase and ultimate success of a profitable trade can distract traders from giving back. With thoughts on risks and rewards, it is understandable for forex traders to concentrate on the market. In the long run, one of the best ways to become a happy forex trader is by doing something for others. Whether you take time to help out a family member of volunteer, taking mind off from executions can actually re-energize the mind and reduce stress. It can also help put your priorities in perspective.

Squeeze in a quick getaway

Once in awhile, it is highly beneficial to have a quick vacation to revitalize the mind. Amidst trading sessions and market analysis, going to new places and gaining fresh experiences can restore your drive for success. From the journey to the destination, new sights or sounds can inspire and invigorate. Try visiting the beach, a new town or a different park to refresh and stimulate better outlook for the week ahead.

Reflections for strategy

Quiet reflection for better strategy is also a great weekend habit to practice. Without any distractions, planning your strategy during the weekends improves concentration. With the use of a trading journal, forex traders can reflect on the success as well as the lessons from failure. It gives an opportunity to make improvements and optimize strategies to prepare for next executions. To properly reflect on the events of the previous week, make sure to place yourself outside of the office and in a stress-free environment.

Success in forex trading is a week-long lifestyle choice. This includes beneficial weekend habits that encourage relaxation and positivity. Planning a stress-free and rejuvenating break is beneficial for self-motivation and productivity for the week ahead. These are activities that uplift and refresh your mindset for forex trading. Whether you do these activities just on the weekends or spread them across a week of trading, building a habit out of relaxation can benefit mental health. Eventually, this can develop into better performance and concentration for successful forex trading. Once you create effective weekend habits, you can achieve quality results, promote efficiency and improve mental outlook.

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