Warsaw Stock Exchange open to cooperation with Chinese investors

The Warsaw Stock Exchange and Haitong Bank today announced they have signed a cooperation agreement. In order to support both parties development, the agreement provides for mutual exchange of information about the prevailing situations on the capital markets in which both institutions operate. The WSE also signed a similar agreement with CSAHK – Chinese Securities Association in Hong Kong.

Haitong Bank is an international investment bank owned by Haitong Securities – one of the largest securities brokers in China. It is the first global capital markets player with an Asian owner, carrying out large-scale operations in the area of investment banking in Poland. “We are very pleased with the opportunity to establish closer cooperation with the largest stock exchange in Central and Eastern Europe. We believe together we can create an efficient platform for the exchange of information on financial markets, strengthen the relationship and cooperate in selected areas” – said José Maria Ricciardi, CEO of Haitong Bank S.A.

“China is looking for a safe haven in our part of Europe, where it can allocate a part of its huge assets. In the dynamically changing international balance of powers, Warsaw is the natural choice for Beijing. The official visit to Poland by Xi Jinping, the President of the Republic of China, not only confirms this, but also shows our country has a chance to become involved in global processes. As the only country in the EU, not only did we avoid a recession, but actually reported growth. The Polish economy is based on strong foundations and is free of macroeconomic imbalances. In our part of Europe, we are the largest country with the highest population; with this potential, Chinese companies and investors can achieve greater benefits in Poland than in any other European country”

– Małgorzata Zaleska, CEO of the Warsaw Stock Exchange, who signed the agreement on behalf of the WSE.

Chinese President, Xi Jinping, is paying an official visit to Poland on 19-21 June. Also, at the invitation of Haitong Bank, an Association of the Chinese Securities Association in Hong Kong (CSAHK) delegation and a group of visitors from Shanghai arrived in Warsaw on 20 June. The aim of the visit is to introduce Chinese financial institutions to the Polish capital market and its key participants. Topics to be discussed include opportunities for cooperation between Chinese investors and Polish business, as well as the potential for placing financial products denominated in RMB on the Polish capital market. The agreements between WSE and Haitong, as well as CSAHK should foster such cooperation in the future.

“The Haitong ownership is significant on the Polish market because of the owner’s brokerage experience from China stock exchange markets and a strong capitalization of the Group. Initiatives such as the agreement signed today, prove Haitong fills an important niche in investment banking services, building a bridge between Chinese and CEE markets” – said Bartłomiej Dmitruk, Senior Country Officer of Haitong Bank in Poland.

“China is still one of the fastest growing economies in the world and a place where financial centres of global importance are developing dynamically. The aim of the agreement with Haitong Bank is to initiate a closer, mutually beneficial relationship. Its effect, in addition to a better understanding of existing situations on the markets in which we operate, will be a deepened relationship with key stakeholders not only in the People’s Republic of China, but also in entire Asia” – said Małgorzata Zaleska.

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