Velocimetrics releases new functionality to improve market data quality assessment

Real-time business flow tracking and performance analysis solutions provider Velocimetrics today announces the launch of advanced functionality set to significantly enhance its clients’ abilities to assess market data quality.

Via the incorporation of innovative, stream-oriented machine-learning techniques, Velocimetrics will enable its clients to detect and alert on market data quality issues, providing real-time actionable insights at the single instrument and field level.

Velocimetrics’ market data quality solution accurately evaluates the timeliness and correctness of market data. Delivering real-time alerts, if the time between ticks or price volatility exceed normal expectations, or if the bid or offer price stops ticking, users can immediately access actionable insight to determine how they can stem the flow of stale data to algorithmic trading systems.

Velocimetrics’ market data quality solution determines:

  • How regularly the particular instrument should be ticking;
  • What constitutes normal price movements;
  • How measures vary at different times during the trading day and across days;
  • How “normal” behaviour changes in respect of specific market calendar events.

The solution then detects and alerts on abnormal patterns. Also, it automatically adapts to environmental changes over time such as modifications in tick behaviour and “instinctively” recognizes the addition of new instruments and the removal of others.

Steve Colwill, Velocimetrics’ CEO says:

“It’s the industry’s more innovative players that have deployed Velocimetrics’ market data quality assessment capabilities to date, and they are now reaping the benefits. However growing regulatory, client and profitability demands are driving the need for all firms to really understand the quality of the data they are employing into trading decisions. This enhanced solution will enable a considerably wider range of firms to very quickly get up and running with a very effective means of meeting these growing requirements.”

For the full announcement from Velocimetrics, click here.

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