Upgraded DailyFX goes live, aiming to offer unique experience to traders

At LeapRate, we have closely monitored the development and growth of DailyFX, the Forex research and news service of FXCM Inc (NYSE:FXCM). In the summer, LeapRate reported about some major enhancements being introduced to the service, which has been there for traders for more than 13 years already.

Today, FXCM announced that the upgraded DailyFX website is now live. The remodeled news and research site can be found at the same domain – www.dailyfx.com.

“FXCM is excited to re-introduce DailyFX with its many new features, improvements and enhancements,” said Drew Niv, CEO of FXCM. “The new site will make it easier for visitors to receive up-to-the-minute Forex news and allows for a better overall user experience.”

DailyFX now includes more visualization into its web interface in the form of videos, widgets, charts and tables. The new DailyFX TV landing page also stores an automatically updated archive of all video content such as the latest Forex reports, technical analysis and webinar recordings. Among the many improvements, the site will also be easily accessible on-the-go via a range of devices.

The list of new features includes:

The Speculative Sentiment Index (SSI)

The SSI is a powerful tool unique to FXCM and available for everyone on the new DailyFX. It displays where FXCM traders are in the market. Traders also have easy access to real time updates (once per second) for different instruments including the EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCAD, XAUUSD and SPX500.

Improved Economic Calendar

The calendar includes a new countdown feature that allows traders to follow upcoming high priority events for the day trading sessions. Providing traders with a complete released schedule of news and events coming out of G10 countries with filter capabilities to rank each by their importance and impact of their specific currencies.


Redesigned Rollover Rates Page

Optimized usability along with introductory video for how to use and read the rollover calendar.

The Comeback of Currency Rooms

The revamped DailyFX offers one central location to get trading insights, fundamental and technical chart data for different instruments, while allowing traders to easily formulate trading strategies. Other data features include pivot points, candlestick formations, support and resistance levels for the top 12 traded currency pairs and top 7 traded CFDs, real time news and latest market articles written by the DailyFX team.


Forex Rates Volume

Now displaying real forex volume data for the top six currency pairs. Giving traders around the world the advantage of a deeper look into the market

Not just FX

DailyFX now also provides a wide variety of reports on indices and investments.

To view the announcement from FXCM on the DailyFX upgrade, click here.

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