UK bitcoin exchange Coinfloor opens deposits up to EUR, PLN and USD markets

Coinfloor, a regulated bitcoin platform based out of London and registered in England and Wales under registration number 08493818, announced on their company blog that after building a track record as a leading UK and Sterling exchange, they are expanding their platform and opening bitcoin trading markets up to EUR, PLN and USD currencies. Some other additional announcements to make include:

  • Launching Euro, Polish Zloty and US Dollar markets.
  • From today, Tuesday 21st of October, you can start making deposits to EUR, PLN and USD denominated accounts.
  • Order books for the new markets will be open within a week.
  • The launch is accompanied by new lower maker-taker trading fees and updates to the website look and feel to support multi-currency.

As a regulated exchange Coinfloor puts a lot of emphasis on trust, security and reliability – having been the first exchange to incorporate provable solvency reports and the only exchange to follow a strict 100% multi-signature cold storage policy. With 65% average monthly growth and £1.3m traded in the last 30 days, Coinfloor has become one of the most liquid rising bitcoin exchanges in the world. The company felt now is the right time to expand services across Europe and bring the Coinfloor standard of trust, security and reliability to more traders internationally.

Why this specific set of currencies?

By supporting Dollars, Euro and Polish Zloty, Coinfloor is expanding from a UK-only focus to an international one, delivering more value to our UK customers and growing our user base internationally.

The XBT/USD pair is the most commonly traded pair, so existing customers naturally have the demand to access the additional liquidity in that market. We are expanding to Euro to better service our European customers by supporting SEPA transfers. We are entering the Polish bitcoin market since it is growing at a rapid pace and the community is very active. Poland also has strong ties to the UK, so we believe that having both markets will naturally bring more growth to our exchange.

To check out the Coinfloor platform, click here.

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