TRADOLOGIC reports its 5Ticks now among top 3 most popular traded binary options

Binary options software provider TRADOLOGIC, which earlier this month reported solid financial metrics for the third quarter of 2015, is maintaining the series of positive achievements.

The company announced today that 5ticks, its latest and most dynamic trading format, has grown in popularity and has made it to the top three of the most traded options.

5Ticks offers traders to decide whether an asset gains or loses value in its next 5 price movements. The instruments offer business operators 5Ticks another opportunity to extend customer engagement by adding fun and dynamics to binary options trading.

5Ticks has enjoyed very high interest from both operators and end-users, with strong initial revenue results further testifying and affirming its position as one of the most interesting and popular options types.

Traders feel at ease with 5Ticks options, as the format is very closely related to Turbo options, which have already become the most attractive binary options trading variation.

In relation to the great performance of 5Ticks, Slavena Savcheva – Head of Sales and Marketing at TRADOLOGIC commented:

“In the past few years TRADOLOGIC has been widely recognized as the most innovative binary options company and we’ve done a great job keeping up with this reputation. The introduction of 5Ticks exceeded our expectations and I am very happy with the feedback we are getting from our clients. It gives them a competitive advantage on the market and the numbers show undisputed increase in player value”.

To view the official announcement from TRADOLOGIC on the popularity of 5Ticks, click here.

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