TradingView sheds lights on FXCM historical data issues

Financial visualization platform TradingView today sought to explain the reason for the difference between the FXCM Inc (NYSE:FXCM) historical data on and FXCM Trading Station.

The reason for this, TradingView claims, is the FXCM API, which does not guarantee that all ticks are delivered to a charting platform like TradingView. This API is capable of sending up to 2 ticks per 1 second, so in case of increased market activity some ticks are lost. The latter may lead to a slight difference of historical bars on vs. historical bars in FXCM Trading Station, where all ticks are displayed.

The company says it is in contact with FXCM engineers but that no solution for the API integrated on TradingView is available at the present moment.

TradingView reminds its customers that they can use FOREX and CFDs from IDC as an alternative.

In January this year, TradingView said it experienced issues with data from FXCM. The problem, which affected FXCM’s native apps and external charting platforms, such as TradingView, was solved, but left a gap in FXCM data.

You can view the latest announcement from TradingView by clicking here.

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