TradingView integrates Trade It mobile trading technology

Financial visualization platform TradingView has partnered with provider of innovative financial tools Trading Ticket, Inc., in a move that sees the integration of mobile trading technology Trade It into TradingView’s charts.

TradingView chart licensees can add a line of provided code to their site or application, or toggle the option from TradingView’s page to activate the Trade It option.

Trade It allows publishers, mobile app developers, exchange-traded fund (ETF) issuers, and financial advertisers to facilitate direct securities orders via a user’s existing brokerage account. More than 80% of orders placed to date have been from mobile devices.

Using Trade It is simple, fast and secure. One has to click on a company name, ticker symbol, or special short URL to create an instant order ticket through which his/her brokerage account is accessed and an order is placed.

logoNathan Richardson, co-founder and CEO at Trading Ticket, says,

“TradingView’s investing and trader community is incredibly engaged and broad-based. This brings Trade it to more than 14 million entirely new users in the best possible context.”

Stan Bokov, co-founder and COO of TradingView, says,

“Giving the TradingView community the choice to trade immediately from our chart components builds on our commitment to provide the most useful and sophisticated tools for our network of active traders”.

You can view the full announcement about the collaboration by clicking here.

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