TradingScreen launches market surveillance tool for listed derivatives

TradingScreen Inc., the leading independent provider of liquidity, trading and investment technology via SaaS, announces the launch of the Market Surveillance Tool, a component of the TradeAnalytics family of products, to monitor a broad range of market abuse scenarios across all asset classes, especially Listed Derivatives.

Spoofing, flashing, front running, pinging, ramping and other market manipulation has caught the attention of global investment community, as advancements in electronic trading have increased market efficiencies thereby increasing the need to document and flag potential abuse scenarios over legitimate trading strategies.

The TradingScreen Market Surveillance Tool is open and offers a simple-to-use system that will meet regulatory requirements for appropriate monitoring of trading activities across all platforms. TradingScreen’s extensive knowledge of trading and market patterns, as well as its historical trade and price database, coupled with global regulatory expertise provides the foundation for a comprehensive alert and reporting suite designed to flag the potential for fraud and manipulation abuse scenarios. The product’s rule-based design is flexible allowing for the abuse library to grow and evolve with up-to-date regulatory requirements and client compliance needs.

“Financial institutions and Buy-side alike are under great pressure to provide market transparency and best execution. The ability to spot issues across all systems in an open manner, as close as possible from the origin, is essential to satisfy investors and regulators. TradingScreen is proud to provide an innovative tool for the Listed Derivatives market,” said Philippe Buhannic, Founder and CEO of TradingScreen.

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